Natural Wooden Gazebo with Sides Design Ideas

gazebo designer May 13, 2016

Having wooden gazebo with sides is great way to keep your privacy while you are in garden with your family and friends.  There is several benefits that you are able to get when you have wooden gazebo, especially when adding with sides design.  The wooden gazebo offer you the natural look, feel, and smell of real wood […]

Beautify Your Garden With Umbrella Gazebo

gazebo designer May 10, 2016

One of the most popular garden accessories that people commonly used to create a relaxing place in the garden is umbrella gazebo. In the garden, People can remove the fatigue for a while after work and feel refreshed by enjoying the green view and inhale the fresh air. Placement of the right garden accessories in this […]

Rustic Gazebo Style For Your Garden

gazebo designer May 10, 2016

Rustic gazebo is suitable for you who like to bring an open feel to your garden of your house. Not only give an open feel, rustic gazebo can also give a warm and polite atmosphere. This atmosphere can be gotten because rustic gazebo is made from rough cut wood or recycled wood. This style of gazebo […]

Useful Tips for Designing Garden Pergolas and Gazebos

gazebo designer May 10, 2016

Garden pergolas and gazebos are two of the most common outdoor areas that you can build to make your house look more beautiful. If you have a house, you not only need to notice the design of the interior of your house but also need to consider the design of the outdoor areas of your house […]

Why Choosing Aluminum Gazebos?

gazebo designer May 8, 2016

Aluminum gazebos are getting more and more popular these days. As we know, in building a gazebo outside your house, there are three kinds of materials which are famous to build a gazebo . The first one is wood. This one is a classic material that has been used to build a gazebo for hundreds of years. […]

Portable Gazebo 3×3 for Outdoor Events Enjoyment

gazebo designer May 8, 2016

Gazebo 3×3 could be a nice feature in a small garden or backyard. It will be perfect to complete your event outdoor every day and also in kinds of formal occasion. It can be an ideal setting to enjoy relaxation time outdoor and the place for entertainment for everyone. In the type of permanent gazebos, the […]

Tips to Buy the Best Gazebo Cover

gazebo designer May 7, 2016

Gazebo cover is a great option if you want to celebrate an event outdoor. At the same time, the weather condition is not good. The cover will protect the gazebo so you can still celebrate your special events outdoor whatever the weather. Before purchasing the gazebo cover, there are several considerations you should notice first. The […]