Pros and Cons of Gazebo with Metal Roof

gazebo designer May 20, 2016

Rather than asphalt shingles or wooden materials, some of homeowners prefer for gazebo with metal roof. Particularly metal panels made from high tensile steel are known for weather resistant that not contract or expand with the changing weather. Meanwhile, metal roofing also brings some drawbacks that give you some consideration before start to purchase. Let’s check […]

Tips about Building Your Own 8 x 10 Gazebo

gazebo designer May 19, 2016

8 x 10 gazebo might be a good choice for those of you who want to have your own gazebo to your backyard or poolside. Gazebo is one of the most common outdoor areas that you can find these days. Most houses now have their own gazebo. Some people will build their gazebo on their garden […]

The Best Gazebo for Different Type of Houses and Yards

gazebo designer May 19, 2016

Either it’s 10 x 12 gazebo or something bigger, gazebo and other outdoor structure can be a great addition for our house. It can be a perfect decoration idea to beautify our backyard. At the same time, it is also an excellent place for relaxing, enjoying the view and also hanging out with our family. But in the […]

Interesting Features can be Applied in 10×10 Gazebo

gazebo designer May 15, 2016

Hardtop gazebo 10×10 can serve as great focal point in your outdoor area. It provides comfortable spot for family members to relax in the leisure time or holding small event like bbq party with friends. It is a functional spot since provide shield from direct sun and rain while you are enjoying outdoor view. 10×10 foot […]

Pros and Cons of Thatched Gazebo

gazebo designer May 15, 2016

The thatched gazebo is one way that will make your garden look nice, natural and attractive. Generally, this gazebo is built with hand crafted that makes the detail look great and add impression to your garden. The curved handrails with carved spindles make the detail look beautiful to view.  It is great to have thatched gazebo in […]

4 Reasons Why 12 x 14 gazebo is the Best Decoration for Your Backyard

gazebo designer May 15, 2016

12 x 14 gazebo with beautiful design is enough to beautify your backyard. Gazebo doesn’t always have to be big with complicated design, especially when space is an issue. Most houses nowadays only have small yards, so you need to be creative if you want to have a big gazebo. Pergola can be the solution for […]

Deciding the Right Gazebo Roof Design and Shape

gazebo designer May 14, 2016

Hunting gazebo roof ideas is a helpful thing for any of you if you are going to build a gazebo at your home patio or yard. That will also really be helpful if you are going to have the custom made gazebo which is completely that really essential to be obtained for dealing with the roof. Having […]

What You Should Know About Log Gazebo

gazebo designer May 14, 2016

Here are you will find out some guides you should know about log gazebo. This information will be useful if you want to build a gazebo in your backyard. Log gazebo is a good place for family gathering on sunny day or summer time. The open design let you fell the breeze through your surroundings. This reason […]