Which One is The Right Gazebo for You?

Should I choose gazebo 10 x 14 or 12 x 14? What shape of gazebo should I get? What kind of gazebo style that fits me? When you want to build a gazebo, you might find those difficulties about where to start. Don’t worry. Here is the guide to help you find the right gazebo for your […]

How to Choose Cheap Gazebo with Sides

Cheap gazebos with sides can be a perfect choice for those of you who want to build gazebo but have limited budget. Gazebo is a common outdoor area that can be built on your backyard or garden. Some people even build their gazebo near the poolside so that they can relax on the gazebo after they […]

Metal Arbours To Beautify Your Wedding and Yard Concept

If you are looking for accessories to beautify your wedding party look, then metal arbours must be on your list. Metal arbours can be your best choice to arch over the walkway or entrance into your garden, especially for you who want to create an outdoor concept of your wedding party. Usually, You can decide the width or size […]

Selecting the Best 10 X 16 Gazebo by Considering Many Things

There are various ways of relaxing at home and one of them is sitting in a gazebo while reading a book accompanied by refreshments like a glass of ice tea and snacks. Although that this sounds very nice, this is something possible only to those who have a space appropriate for a gazebo to stand […]

Build Your Own Gazebo Roof

Building a gazebo roof can be a complex job that requires every DIYer to put more efforts on it. From figuring the precise angles and cut for hip roof, preparing the materials, and others, you need more careful calculations. However, if you follow the plans below, you can finish the job in shade in no time. […]

Plans before Building a Pergola Attached to House

Building a pergola attached to house is a good option but you should know how to do it in simple way. This is because by building a pergola attached to house it seems you have additional building at home. So, what do you have to do if you want to add pergola in your beloved house? […]

Tiverton Gazebo for Any Outdoor Events

Gazebo is known as a good place to enjoy the outdoors and choosing tiverton gazebo can be your best option to be used for many occasions. Many people have already noticed the function of gazebo but probably only a few people know there are many types of gazebo. In fact, by knowing the types of gazebo, you […]

Pros and Cons of Gazebo with Metal Roof

Rather than asphalt shingles or wooden materials, some of homeowners prefer for gazebo with metal roof. Particularly metal panels made from high tensile steel are known for weather resistant that not contract or expand with the changing weather. Meanwhile, metal roofing also brings some drawbacks that give you some consideration before start to purchase. Let’s check […]