Tips Plans for a Gazebo

Do you have plans for a gazebo in your house? Do you want to know how to build a gazebo with minimum budget? Traditional gazebo can cost more than $4000 dollars. It can be even more expensive if you want it to be built inside of your house. If you want save your budget and have a gazebo like it is built by a pro, follow these tips to build unique gazebo that will blow your family and your neighbors away!

What’s the function of a gazebo?

Gazebo can be relaxing touch for your house. After spending much time to work, it’s time for you to chill out in a comfortable and beautiful gazebo.  It can make your mind fresher and calmer. You can gather with your beloved family and friend or simply drink a cup of hot chocolate while reading a newspaper or magazine. There are so many do it yourself (DIY) tutorial to build a gazebo depends on what material you choose. Is it log, stone, glass, bamboo or any other materials? Before you start to build a gazebo by your own, make sure you prepare all the materials and sketch about what your gazebo will look like.

Plans for a Gazebo

Plans for a wooden Gazebo

How to build a gazebo with simple design and minimum budget?

  • Construct and build the walls
  1. Build the columns

In here you need to build 4 columns in every corner. You can set the height and the distance depends on your need. But it is highly recommended of 10×10 cm blocks with 360 cm length.

  1. Install the beam amplifier

Use 6 blocks with the size of 10×10 cm to tight the 3 sides of the gazebo that is “closed”. Block are installed straight facing the columns, 2 blocks for each side, 5cm from the top and 5 cm from the bottom (the distance can be adjusted). Install the blocks with two big bolts which are put through the columns until in the middle of the blocks.

  1. Add screens

You can use wood or used window glass to make your gazebo look more interesting. Put them in the middle in every wall and mark the width. And then make frames for the screen using wood with the size of 2,5×10 cm.

  • Build the roof
plans for a gazebo roof

plans for a gazebo roof

  1. You need 5 blocks with the size of 10×10 cm. 4 Blocks with the size of 182,5 cm and 1 block with the size 257,5 cm. Cut the edge in every block with 45° degrees.
  2. Bolted the 182,5 cm block equally to the edge of 257,5 cm block, so there will be a triangle connected to 257,5 cm between them. Make sure you keep the 45° degrees angle so it can be seated on the wall. The distance between the bolts at least 2,5cm.
  3. Install the roof blocks.
  • Finishing
plans for a gazebo free

plans for a gazebo free

  1. Paint your gazebo with the color that you want. Classic colors like white and brown are always be a good choice to keep your gazebo look classic.
  2. Design a unique gazebo by looking some references on the internet or magazine. So you need read gazebo decoration article.
gazebo material color

gazebo material color

So, what are you waiting for? If you have plans for a gazebo you can start to prepare the material now and don’t hesitate to ask professional advice of how to build a gazebo and beautiful design for it.

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